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How to navigate the iOS14 update and Facebook ads when you’re trying to scale a pet or pet-related products Shopify store

Camille Tintle | 12 May, 2021

            How to navigate the iOS14 update and Facebook ads when you’re trying to scale a pet or pet-related products Shopify store

Are you as nervous about the iOS14 update as your dog when the Fedex man rings the doorbell? Don’t panic! Although it may seem like it, this is not the Facebook-apocalypse. Have you heard about this update swirling around your biz owner social circles, but aren’t even clear what it really is? Let’s start with the basics...what is all this talk about iOS14 and why should you care?

The iOS14 update affects all mobile advertising on Apple products, specifically. Apple started rolling out a new iOS14 update that asks iPhone users if they will allow apps and websites to track them. When it comes to Facebook, if an iPhone user optsout of Facebook tracking, that means that Facebook cannot track the user when they click on your ad and go to your website

What does this mean exactly? It means that it’s going to be increasingly more challenging to optimize your Facebook ads. Particularly because we won’t necessarily be able to track all conversions back to specific ads. 

While this will have some effect, it’s important to keep this update in perspective. First, Apple phone users account for roughly half of mobile phone users. And while ad traffic tends to overwhelmingly skew towards mobile, mobile traffic let alone mobile Apple traffic is NOT the only traffic. There are mobile Android and desktop users who do not fall into this category. In a nutshell, this new change is not going to completely screw up your marketing and advertising plans. You’ll just need to adjust and adapt accordingly. 

So how do you plan for this? First, make sure you do all necessary tasks in business manager and Shopify, such as verifying your domain, picking your events, and installing conversion API. This is the first thing you’ll want to do and we’ve created a free handy guide for you here. It has step-by-step instructions and even quick video walkthroughs which will allow you to tackle this in less than 15 minutes. 

Next, you will want to start getting into the habit of using UTM tags. This is especially important if you’re not already using more sophisticated analytics like Wicked Reports. Don’t rely on Shopify analytics to help -- it’s best for tracking metrics like your AOV and conversion rate, but not necessarily where the traffic is coming from.

At the end of the day, if you are particularly worried, make sure that you start working with Facebook advertising professionals who can help you through this whole process. Now is not the time to try to “figure it out” yourself. Even if you’re a confident cat (pun intended) you’ll end up panicking with every glitch, every ad misstep, and every new change. Our Facebook ad agency is in business manager day in and day out andwe're plugged into elite mastermind groups full of fellow FB ad pros in the know.  

Facebook advertising is a complex process that involves more than the off-Facebook tracking aspect; optimizing ads actually begins with essential on-Facebook metrics that don’t even deal with what’s happening on your website. We are well-versed  in how to comprehensively evaluate a campaign and use these on-Facebook metrics to make informed decisions with campaigns to help move them in the right direction.

Are you worried about iOS14 and want a top rated Facebook ad agency to take over so you can sleep as easy as Jake when sunbathing? 

We’re a team of dog lovers who help pet product Shopify stores make more money with Facebook ads and with minimal iOS14 impact. Our pups work day in and out with us on our couch, we mean in ad manager,😉and even star in some of our videos! 
Want to learn more about our Facebook ads management for pet product stores?  🐶🐾 Click here to learn more! 

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