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Think that selling out of products on your Shopify site is a good thing? Think again.

Camille Tintle | 03 May, 2021

            Think that selling out of products on your Shopify site is a good thing? Think again.

Ever have your Facebook ads ROAS start tanking out of the blue and wonder what happened?🤯  You were sailing above 9 ROAS and scaling at a comfortable pace but then BAM....💥 you're barely making a 1.5 ROAS. What gives?

When this happens, there are usually 1 of 2 things going on. 

1) Your ads were turned off and then turned back on again. Whenever this happens, it disrupts the algorithm and your ads need time to settle back into things. 

This can be because:

-You manually turned off the ads

-You had a billing problem and your ads were paused by Facebook, or

-Your account was -gasp -- shut down. 🙈 

2) The second possibility doesn't even have to do with what's happening on Facebook. It is thatyou are out of stock of key products in your store.😬 

When you sell out of products in your Shopify store or your items are on backorder, your website conversion rate inevitably drops. A lower conversion rate signals that your website is STRUGGLING to convert potential customers, which is never good. You're leaving money on the table when this happens! The website conversion rate must be at a good level when you run Facebook ads and is essential to running a successful Facebook ad campaign. If your conversion rate is low, you simply won't be able to achieve a good enough ROAS and your campaign won't be sustainable. Even worse, if you run out of stock and you have to turn off your previously high performing ads, you may never get that high ROAS back again. 😫

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! 😱🙅‍♀️ Make sure you plan accordingly with your suppliers and have plenty of stock on hand, particularly while scaling. If you plan on scaling your ad campaign and business, then you need to understand thatrunning out of inventory will not make it possible.Out of stock items PREVENT scaling and sabotage FB ad campaigns!

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