Facebook Ads Won't Fix Your Business If Your Website Foundation Is Broken

SPOILER ALERT: There's a cute, snoring doggy in this video! 😴🐕If you want to catch a glimpse of my sleepy pup and discover what's probably the most important thing you'll ever learn about running Facebook ads for a Shopify store, then this video is a must-see.

I'm talking about something so major and important that ALL Shopify stores NEED to understand before they run Facebook ads. It’s also something vastly misunderstood but it’s one of the first things we evaluate in our onboarding process since it affects the ads so much.

Here's the deal: Facebook ads won't fix your business if your website foundation is broken. But even smart businesses owners incorrectly think that Facebook ads will be the fix and they end up wasting thousands of dollars on this mistake. In fact, it took us YEARS to fully understand this concept and the nuance of it all. In this video, I'm explaining exactly why this affects the ads so much, the 3 key metrics are part of your website foundation, and what you can do if your site foundation isn't dialed in quite yet.

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