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What the Apple iOS Privacy Change Means for Digital Advertisers

Camille Tintle | 31 December, 2020

            What the Apple iOS Privacy Change Means for Digital Advertisers

👋 Did you hear about the BIG new Apple iOS 14 update coming soon in early 2021? In a nutshell, Apple will soon ask users after this update if they want certain apps to be able to track them. Honestly, transparency in this area is great! People want to know how they're being tracked. We totally agree with being clear and up front about how data is being used. But on the flip side, this does affect how we as advertisers can use the Facebook pixel specifically with Apple mobile devices.

For those who opt out when they receive this message, the pixel will not track them while they're on Facebook/Instagram and click on an ad to another site. But what does that mean in terms of the ads they see in their feed? Because they opted out, their experience on mobile (not desktop) likely will be much different and less personalized than people who've opted in.

Keep this in mind: while mobile traffic is (mostly) king, Apple isn't the only company that makes phones. In 2019, about 45% of smartphone users used an iPhone. That leaves 55% to Android and other brands. 🤷‍♀️ And this new message doesn't guarantee that people will opt out. Sure, there will be plenty that do, but also plenty that don't.

So long story short, this is a new change coming soon.

Here's our advice: don't worry; be aware. Yes, as a business advertising on Facebook/Instagram, you will need to make adjustments with this change. We all will. At the end of the day, Facebook advertising (and social media advertising in general) is still and will continue to be a MAJOR avenue for small and large businesses across the globe. This will not change. We just have to adapt to the new policies that are introduced over the years, just like we have with the CCPA, CBO, mass ad account shut downs and so many more changes from the past.

If you want to read up on what Facebook says about this upcoming change, check out their page here.

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