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Ad Campaign Management For Facebook & Instagram Ads

Do you want to begin Facebook/Instagram ads for your Shopify store and want the best chance of success?

Our Ad Campaign Management For Facebook & Instagram Ads package will include building the foundation of your ad campaign for you and FULL monthly management of the ads.


⭐️ Pixel & CAPI installation in order to track performance.

⭐️ Full ad campaign setup and review.

⭐️ Unlimited ad copy.

⭐️ Unlimited audiences. 

⭐️ Initial and ongoing campaign strategy.

⭐️ Unlimited ad graphics including images and video.

⭐️ Extensive A/B (split) testing of all aspects of campaign.

⭐️ Optimization and scaling.

⭐️ Ad fatigue management and ongoing trend watch.

⭐️ Weekly detailed reporting over email.


Instead of wasting time and money trying to figure out how to build and manage your ad campaign, hire a Facebook ad agency that's Top Rated and Expert Vetted (top 1%) on Upwork and has a reputation of bringing in 10+ ROAS for online store clients. 

NOTE: Before purchasing this service, please fill out our application form here