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Why Brand Guidelines Are Imperative For Facebook Advertising Success

Camille Tintle | 13 January, 2021

            Why Brand Guidelines Are Imperative For Facebook Advertising Success

Every advertiser has been asked these questions before: “What are brand guidelines?” and, “Do we REALLY need them for our online store to be successful with advertising?” 

At TDM, portraying your business's brand identity cohesively and accurately is extremely important to us. Branding guidelines support ourFacebook marketing initiatives by ensuring that all creative content is relevant and related to your brand. Strong branding also aids in brand recognition, which is particularly important whenretargeting warm audiences. When we are able to reference a brand style guide, it helps us establish your content with a strong brand voice that resonates with your target audience. 

So, what exactly should you have together before you start a formal advertising campaign? We recommend the following: 

  • Official branding guide with all brand specifications clearly outlined (including all important key aspects such as fonts, logo usage, color palettes, brand voice and aesthetic guidelines). 
  • Logos (with variations in different colors and formats, if applicable).
  • Approved images and videos that may be useful for your Facebook marketing campaign.

Official brand guidelines help your online business appear professional andstand outamongst competition. Not having brand guidelines increases the chances that your voice may come across mixed and your creative will likely not make a lasting impression on your targetaudience

Lastly, it’s important to trust the design or marketing agency you are working with. In our case, we do our very best to ensure our adherence to our client’s specific brand guidelines, but sometimes situations arise when we reserve the right to use our expertise and discretion in content creation. Understand that we only use this discretion when we feel the success of a campaign is at stake, and we never veer far from the guidelines, as this is simply a no-no! An example of this is thatFacebook blue gets drowned out in the newsfeed, so if one of your brand colors is close to it, we may avoid using it and stick to your other colors. Just as with any other aspect of a Facebook ad campaign, it’s important to trust theexperts in this area, who live, breathe, and sleep Facebook advertising.

Do you have stellar brand guidelines and feel ready to take your Facebook advertising to the next level?Apply now to get a FREE review of your ad account and get expert recommendations!

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