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Do you have a brand new Shopify store and are ready to grow with FB ads?

Camille Tintle | 26 December, 2020

            Do you have a brand new Shopify store and are ready to grow with FB ads?

If you are anecomm biz owner with a newShopify store and are wondering how you can find growth via FB ads, you’ve come to the right place! Most of the time, it is recommended that you start experimenting with Facebook ads on your own. While this may seem surprising to hear from an expert FB advertising agency, the reason is simple: it's expensive to pay an expert to run FB ads for you (e.g., with our agency there is a minimum of $4.5Kmonthly investment), so it's in your best interest to try it on your own first and get some of your metrics establishedbefore hiring an agency.

It's very rare that we run a brand new campaign for a new Shopify store; when we do, we make it clear that this is aHUGE TEST even for us (or any adagency). FB ads is a big test anyway -- I repeat, abig test -- but it especially is when you don't have a cracked funnel and no sitemetrics to go by (i.e. no conversion rate, no AOV, noLTV). Why? Because that means you don't have proof of concept. If your siteconversion rate is totally abismal, then it doesn't make sense for you to pay for a bunch of traffic because the site won't convert them. 

No two Facebook ad campaigns are the same-- there is so much more to it than what happens on FB, such as: your products, your website, your product pictures, your site speed, your prices, your target customer, what barriers you may have in place on the site, your average order value, your lifetime value of a customer, your site conversion rate, etc. As you can see, A LOT of factors contribute to the success of a campaign holistically.

I'll be completely honest. FB ads are challenging. Not every Shopify store can build a successful FB ad campaign; often because there is not a good enough foundation in place which allows for ahigh return. Don't make this mistake and expect FB ads to be the magic wand that is going to make your store profitable. It's not going to be profitable UNLESS you have a great foundation in place. And even then, it's not aguarantee! It's completely unrealistic to expect this. 

So, what should you do? You should start small on your own and gather important data and insight that will HELP you first establish a solid foundation on your website. This imperative step will then allow you to run a profitable FB ad campaign.


Feeling stuck and wondering how you can do this? You can use our FB ads bundle ($97) to get you started with the basics. Then, once you've made some improvements on the site and with your metrics, you can graduate to the next level of having a pro team raise your ROAS even further and help you scale.

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