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What is retargeting and why you need to do it in your ad campaign

admin | 22 March, 2019

            What is retargeting and why you need to do it in your ad campaign

Retargeting -- sometimes known as remarketing -- is an essential part of Facebook advertising and something you should absolutely be using in your campaigns. Retargeting basically means you show your ads in front of an audience that already knows you, aka a "warm audience". This audience could be people who've been on your site, your Facebook page followers, your past customers, email list subscribers, and so much more. Facebook has some incredible tools that allow you to create these custom warm audiences easily and to convert them faster. 

Did you know that warm audiences are always going to be more likely to inquire about your services (i.e. become leads) or buy from you? Warm audiences are the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to conversion (for leads or purchases). If you haven't added any retargeting of warm audiences in your Facebook ad campaign, give it a try! Start small with just retargeting people who like your Facebook page or all website visitors (via the Facebook pixel). You might be surprised at how much lower your cost per lead or cost per purchase plummets. 

Retargeting in itself is pretty straightforward and it's a simple trick to help boost performance, but there are still plenty of different approaches and strategies that can aid your retargeting efforts even further, to help you find wild success.

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