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7 essential questions to ask a professional Facebook ad agency before hiring to manage your campaign

admin | 22 March, 2019

            7 essential questions to ask a professional Facebook ad agency before hiring to manage your campaign

Have you been on the fence about whether or not you should hire a professional Facebook agency to manage your ad campaign? Or, you may realize that you need to outsource your Facebook Ads to an expert, but feel unsure how to go about choosing the right agency. We understand that it can be overwhelming to choose the right fit for your business. After knowing how to navigate the answers to these questions, you will set yourself up for much greater success with your Facebook advertising. Read on to find out some of the MOST important questions to ask when hiring a Facebook ad agency.

1) Do you have case studies?

The first question you will want to ask any Facebook agency you are considering working with, is whether or not they have multiple case studies they can share with you. This is the only way to truly know if and how the agency achieved real results with Facebook advertising. Facebook is not easy to master, and case studies -- not Blueprint Certification -- will easily and clearly portray if the agency is a TRUE master at Facebook advertising with proven results. Tests don’t effectively prove expertise or mastery as much as results and experience.

2) Do you have positive reviews/testimonials/references?

It seems like a no-brainer, but you will want to ensure you're working with an agency that has a positive reputation. Unlike a traditional job where references are often required in the interview process, agencies and specialized freelancer's often do not automatically provide references before hiring. Since agencies are working with several different businesses at once, testimonials and reviews are a much more standard way to gauge reputation, skill, and quality of work. If the agency you are considering does not have many reviews, or positive reviews, it is a big red flag.

Additionally, a wonderful way to gauge an agency’s skill level is by asking if they offer a low-cost ad analysis before signing on fully with them. A Facebook ad account analysis is a great way to find out how skilled an agency is in quickly recognizing what is and isn’t working for your business, and what they would recommend for your Facebook advertising strategy going forward. A low-cost service such as the ad account analysis that we offer is very low-risk and a great way to see if an agency has the potential to be a perfect fit for your needs.

3) What is your process?

Ensuring that the agency you will be hiring has a very straightforward and thorough process is imperative to the success of your Facebook campaign. If they do not disclose that their monthly packages include important steps like strategy, audience and competitor research, extensive ad placement testing, A/B testing of different creatives, weekly reporting, retargeting, etc., you will probably want to look elsewhere.

4) Do you specialize in FB ads or are you more general?

Using an agency that specializes in Facebook advertising is always going to be better. Facebook ad specialists understand the ins and outs of the platform and Facebook algorithms and have worked on countless campaigns specifically on the Facebook platform. With generalized marketers, however, they don't necessarily have the same level of experience or expertise as specialists who exclusively work on one platform. For example, someone who manages Facebook ads and Google Adwords doesn't necessarily have the same level of expertise as someone who exclusively manages Facebook ad campaigns. Avoid hiring generalists; working with specialists will ensure you will get only the best results for your campaign.

5) Do you only help certain businesses or niches?

Frankly, it's less important that an agency specializes in marketing to dentists and lawyers but it is most important that they have an extensive and deep understanding of the Facebook advertising platform and how it is effectively used to help businesses grow. Strong familiarity with local, national, ecommerce, B2B and B2C businesses far outweigh trying to find someone who only specializes in your niche market. For example, many of our local service-based businesses follow a similar, proven local ads strategy regardless of niche. Similarly with ecommerce, we follow a similar, proven strategy to generate the most purchases for all of our ecommerce clients. As you can see, it’s important to find an agency that has experience with the type of business you run, but not necessarily in your specific market.

Furthermore, if you’re concerned about an agency’s familiarity with your specific type of brand and if they can communicate with your audience, you should remember that the best agencies are highly skilled at marketing and advertising copy. These agencies know exactly how to take the raw information that their clients give them about their businesses and subsequently restructure that language or phrasing to effectively generate the best results in advertising.

6) What are your pricing/payment/contract requirements or terms?

Before moving forward with an agency, make sure you're clear on their payment structure terms. Some agencies charge based on performance, some require a flat-fee retainer, and some require a percentage of ad spend or revenue generated from the campaign. Flat-rate retainer and percentage of ad spend are the most common fee structures for Facebook ad agencies.

We have found that working with an agency that has some sort of incentive built into their payment structure will be in your best interest. Why? If you just have a flat-rate fee, they don't necessarily have incentive to scale your campaign to incredible heights. Higher ad spend = more management time required. With a hybrid payment model or percentage of ad spend which will increase payment as ad spend increases, the ad agency will then be compensated appropriately along with the success of the campaign.

7) Can you tell me about your most successful retargeting strategies?

Retargeting website visitors is a very important aspect of any successful campaign; they are the lowest hanging fruit. Reaching customers over and over again via retargeting ads has a tremendous effect on your campaign’s success. If you do not find an agency capable of effectively reaching those who have previously landed on your ads or your site, you will be hindering yourself from being more profitable and making more sales.

If you want to run a profitable Facebook advertising campaign without the guesswork, you simply can't afford not to work with a reputable agency with the above resources, insight and qualifications. Asking these essential questions from the start will help you choose the right agency for you that will give your business the best chance of success when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Contact us today to see if we can help!

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