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The Top 7 Reasons To Hire Facebook Ad Experts

admin | 18 March, 2019

            The Top 7 Reasons To Hire Facebook Ad Experts

Do you want to improve your Facebook advertising campaign, but you feel stuck or simply don’t have the time? There are many different reasons to hire a Facebook agency to manage your ads. Saved time, years of experience, increased revenue and optimized performance are at the top of the list of reasons we commonly hear from our clients of why they outsourced their Facebook advertising to professionals. Digital advertising is one of the fastest moving pieces in any company, and lacking in this area can pull any business down or even worse, halt success. By choosing to work with experts in Facebook advertising, you can focus your strength on what YOU do best, while we take care of the rest.


Time is money. Anyone in business would agree! By hiring experts to manage your Facebook ad campaign, you can save yourself valuable time WHILE continuing to earn simultaneously. That, is a WIN!

Full-scale expertise

It’s incredibly common for businesses to understand a small percentage of Facebook advertising and how the Business Manager works. However, not many understand the entire platform inside and out. If you find yourself confused about the Facebook Pixel, lookalike audiences, integration with Instagram, scaling, Facebook algorithms, audience creation, A/B testing, optimal ad placement, or anything else FB ad-related, it’s best you leave it up to the professionals that are masters of their craft!

Personalized audience research

A common problem with ineffective Facebook ad campaigns is the inability to properly target the RIGHT audience. Facebook ad experts spend extensive time researching, testing and building audiences in order to make SURE that you are reaching your ideal target market.

Keeping Current: Staying on top of the trends

Trends are constantly changing in any market, but digital advertising is a market where it’s of UTMOST importance to stay one step ahead of your audience. With so much digital information coming at every user, Facebook experts will ensure that you are staying on top of the trends and BEST performing strategies to ensure optimal success for your business!

Weekly reporting: Tracking Actionable Data

When you are trying to run your own Facebook campaigns, it can be hard to find the time to stay on top of managing the campaign, not to mention taking the time to objectively track hard data. At TDM, we provide a very detailed weekly report with hard data showing you exactly how your campaign is performing, and ensuring that your campaign keeps performing the way you want it to!

A/B Testing: Building ads that perform

Unfamiliar with A/B testing? In a nutshell, A/B testing is experimenting and comparing all aspects of a campaign (e.g., landing pages, ad text, headlines, and different call-to-action buttons). By testing two or more variations of your campaign, you can easily deduct which aspects are “losers,” and raising the cost per lead too high, and which aspects are “winners” and making the campaign super profitable. A/B testing provides the insight to alter the campaign strategy and make sure you experience the best results.

Multiple strategies at once

Facebook experts will use their extensive A/B testing to figure out which exact strategies will work the best for your business. While you may only be thinking of one strategy at once, any team of Facebook experts will be thinking of the big picture and what different strategies can do for your business in the digital marketing realm.

Have you ever had your Facebook ad account analyzed by an expert to see what's working, what's not and to advise you on the BEST next steps to take in order to optimize your campaign?

STOP trying to figure out Facebook ads on your own and get a FREE Facebook Ads Review today!

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