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Have you hired several ad experts but no one produces ads that convert?

admin | 18 March, 2019

            Have you hired several ad experts but no one produces ads that convert?

Have you worked with other agencies or individuals that haven't produced results? We hear this often when businesses reach out to us and they're searching for better help or answers. Well, most of the time, it isn't necessarily the agency's fault. Other times, it can be an agency's lack of marketing expertise. Here's what's likely going on:

Your website isn't optimized.

It doesn't matter how much traffic you send, you're not going to get the results you want with an ad campaign if your site isn't optimized. Ads aren't necessarily the part of a funnel that requires conversion; Facebook ads are bringing the right traffic but it's the site needs to hold that traffic's hand the rest of the way through conversion. Ads don't convert, websites do. Our ads can warm up the right audience and get them closer to buying (in ecommerce, for example), but the advertisement itself is not going to get them to buy. As Facebook advertisers, our job is to get the right people to your site so that you can convert them into buyers.

The agency isn't knowledgeable outside of what happens on Facebook.

To truly run Facebook ads, you need to understand how people use Facebook, how leads are generated and how/why people buy products. If you've worked with several different agencies and none of them have asked what's happening on the website, that's a big warning sign. Make sure both you and the agency understand that there is a big connection between the Facebook ad and the website the Facebook ad is sending traffic to. For example, in our lead generating ad campaigns, we always manage the landing pages since we do extensive A/B testing. We use services called Unbounce and Clickfunnels and are able to optimize the landing page in a way that will bring in the most amount of leads at the lowest cost. This is because we understand the close relationship between the FB ad and the site itself. With ecommerce, however, the site is in our client's hands. If that is the case, we make sure that they are generating sales from other sources of traffic successfully and at a decent site conversion rate. That way, we know there isn't a conversion issue interfering with the ad campaign that the client might incorrectly think is the Facebook ad campaign's fault. 

Have you ever had your Facebook ad account analyzed by an expert to see what's working, what's not and to advise you on the BEST next steps to take in order to optimize your campaign?

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