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Why You DON'T Want To Stress Over Same Day Ad Performance

Camille Tintle | 20 July, 2022

            Why You DON'T Want To Stress Over Same Day Ad Performance

To check or not to check? 

While keeping yourself in the know with your Facebook ad campaign is a MUST, obsessively checking your analytics or stewing over same day performance is a big no-no! 

We get it: your Facebook ad campaign is your baby, and you are worried it won’t live up to your expectations – you’re getting lots of traction and clicks, but purchases are down today. You wonder, should you keep the ad going anyway? Or should you pause it until you figure out what is going wrong?

When you’re juggling your budget, the results/ROAS you want to achieve, and the metrics you’re getting on a given day, it’s sometimes not easy to ride out the up and down trends in the Facebook ad world. 

Take it from a team of ad experts: DON’T STRESS OVER ONE DAY OF PERFORMANCE in your ad account! Why? Because there are many factors that go into an ad campaign’s performance. Post-holiday slow downs, fluctuations on certain days of the week (i.e. Saturday can often be different than a Monday), and seasonally can all affect ad campaign performance. You can't accurately judge performance based on day-to-day fluctuations nor is it a good idea to pause ads or make drastic adjustments in the account based on that (doing so typically harms performance). Monitoring daily is imperative, but looking at longer timeframes is imperative when making proper adjustments/changes/optimizations.

Instead of worrying about same-day performance, we recommend instead to look at: 

  • 3-4 day trends, 
  • 7 day trends, 
  • 14 day trends and 
  • 30 day trends

This is especially important when making adjustments to an ad campaign. In fact, when considering trends, it’s important to take even 3-4 day trends with a grain of salt as that is a pretty short time frame. Same day performance should never take precedence when factoring your campaign performance as a whole, since the day-to-day performance can fluctuate significantly. 

We know what you are likely thinking: can’t what’s going on in my ad account today reflect a negative “trend” that is starting?! The answer is simply no – same day performance does not yet venture into the “trend” category. This is why we discourage fretting over a campaign’s day-to-day performance since it will vary SO much. Longer trends (usually 7-14 days) are what you should focus on instead, and 30 day trends are when you canreally evaluate how well things perform.

We realize it can be quite tough to not look at the day to day volatility or same day results, but focusing on longer timeframes with Facebook ads performance gives a much better gauge on your campaign’s overall performance. When you stop fretting over day-to-day performance and start to analyze longer trends, you will give yourself the best shot at improving your performance and finding lasting and profitable success with your ad campaign

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