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Phone Calls ≠ Good Communication

Camille Tintle | 25 March, 2021

            Phone Calls ≠ Good Communication


In a fast-paced word (that seems to only be getting faster), truly good communication is sadly on the decline. Whether you have been a victim of poor communication yourself or have just heard others gripe about it, it’s an undeniable fact that we can’t dismiss. Poor communicationcan result in tension and unnecessary frustration. A lack of good communication usually leads to others losing productivity, motivation and not wanting to readily collaborate with others.

So what gives? How can we be better and more efficient communicators and eliminate a lot of unnecessary waiting and back and forth?

Contrary to what some people may still believe, good communication is not exclusive tophone calls only. 

In fact, phone calls are actually detrimental to our business in many ways.While some people’s gut instinct is to “hop on a call,” for us, it’s always been to send an email. Over our 7+ years of working in the Facebook advertising space, we found phone calls to be a total productivity killer and (mostly) a waste of time. Additionally, our work requires a clear paper trail to reference back to, and our service deals directly withtext communication in the ads so we NEED to see it in text (not audibly).

Many agenciesget an F when it comes to good communication...would you like to venture as to what they all have in common? You guessed it!They ALL focus on phone call communication as their primary method. We hear this complaint again and again from businesses- that agencies don't communicate well and their clients feel left in the dark. 

This is why at TDM we EXCLUSIVELY communicate via email and we have a reputation of reliable, clear and consistent communication with our clients.









We even have a 100% success score and Expert Vetted badge onUpwork, both are accomplishments reserved for professionals who pride themselves on excellent communication in business. You simply cannot achieve those things without prioritizing reliable and clear communication. 


If you want to improve your communication, or are looking for an agency that excels in having better communication, consider if you should move away from phone calls and switch to online communication.You might be surprised to realize that we are not the only professionals who feel this way. (Can we get a “praise hands emoji?”). As pressures rise and work days get longer, more and more busy professionals are searching for ways they can keep their sanity and find more margin in their lives. For those of you who are up in arms and thinking this is a crazy idea, consider this: many big time entrepreneurs and successful tech execs have brazenly shared that this is their policy as well. Mark Cuban has been famously quoted as tellingThrive Global in 2016: "No meetings or phone calls…Everything is email." 


It goes without saying that work becomes much smoother when there is an ease of communication and there are less barriers to go through. Online communication makes life easier, more straightforward and makes for better communication all around. We encourage you to give a try! Remember, good communication does not necessarily equal phone calls! 

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