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Lead nurturing and why it's so important

admin | 14 March, 2019

            Lead nurturing and why it's so important

Think of lead nurturing like dating. My husband knew I was "The One" the day we met but he was smart not to reveal it to me that early. We needed to date a little bit, get to know each other, and then discuss marriage. (We ended up getting engaged 4 months after meeting and married 5 months later -- but that’s a whole other story!)

In terms of marketing, if you go for the BIG ASK immediately, chances are you’re going to be turned down. However, if you develop a consistent relationship with your audience and slowly build trust, establish yourself as an expert, and prove that you or your business offer the solution for your audience, then your chances of converting the audience members into leads or sales is so much higher.

This requires patience, hard work, and consistency. And trust me, I understand how frustrating the “patience” part can be in business! I too had the misconception that you can convert people easily with almost any ask. But it's important to distinguish that it really only works for SMALL items and for those who are ready to buy immediately. Expensive items (usually anything over $100) will almost always take time and a strategic sequence (or marketing funnel).

So what can you do to build the relationship over time? Keep them engaged! Share and interact with your audience consistently over social media, advertising and email. And don’t be afraid to include a small plug here and there for those who are interested in your offer earlier than most!

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