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This Business More Than DOUBLED Their ROAS With A Great Promo!

admin | 14 March, 2019

            This Business More Than DOUBLED Their ROAS With A Great Promo!

Saaya Rose is a company that sells roses and hydrangeas that last a full YEAR! This is achieved by using a special preservation process which keeps the integrity of the flower intact. Because they last so long, they are much pricier than standard roses, but they last a whole lot longer! This is a luxury item that’s perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. It is a very niche market, but one that promises a high return on investment with the right marketing technique.

Saaya Rose is a very new company, having only launched last year. In other words, we basically started with a blank slate. The owner was an existing client of ours who reached out to see if we felt we could get similar, strong results with this new company as we have had with her other Ecommerce company.

Starting from scratch with an ad campaign always has a set of challenges, as it can be a bit of a gamble. There is A LOT that is dependent on the website itself and is not dependent solely on the ad campaign. With that being said, due to the type of business and the amazing success we have with the other campaign with this client, we decided to give this our best shot!

Don't Let Those Site Visitors Sneak Away!

Saaya Rose had a TON of website visitors over a period of a few days (like 50k+!) that they needed to reach again and again via ads to purchase….they didn’t know how to retarget these visitors and knew that we specialize in that.

Because they were not effectively reaching those who previously landed on their site, this was preventing Saaya Rose from being more profitable and making more sales. They knew that they had interested website visitors, but those visitors need to be reminded again and again to purchase. Warm audiences, or audiences that already know who you are, are more likely to buy from you. So not retargeting website visitors is seriously hurting your business -- they are the lowest hanging fruit.

The Power Of A Good Promo

Valentine’s Day seemed to be the PERFECT time to retarget these site visitors as it’s a HUGE day for the flower business. They gave us flexibility to scale up higher than we normally do with their campaign. Prior to this holiday, we had been running ads at $50/day for the past 6 months. They gave us flexibility to increase from $50 to above $300 (they trusted whatever our recommendation was). We raised the budget up to about $430 day while keeping a very HIGH ROAS. If you don’t scale properly, the ROAS can take a big nosedive and you lose all the momentum you had before trying to scale.

It was very important to reach those ~50k website visitors again since we know return visitors are more likely to purchase. The solution to retarget them was to have TDM engage them with an enticing offer, effective ad copy and attention-grabbing graphics.

We started the promo at 30% off and then scaled it down to 20% off, while still maintaining a high ROAS.

We find the most success with business owners who are willing to offer a higher promo than 5-10% off. In our experience, consumers are not as likely to act on a promo that is less than 20% off.

How We Increased Ad Spend Over 700% With a ROAS Over 24!

For the past 6 months of the campaign, the ROAS had been 10.25 and cost per purchase at $12.81 at just $50/day ad budget. Which in and of itself, is incredible!

With our Valentine’s Day sale, we increased the ad spend from $50/day to $430/day within a handful of days AND achieved an ROAS of 24.67 and $5.30 per purchase over just a one-week period. WOW!

Again, it is important to understand not to skimp on your offer or promotion because you won’t see the best results. If you think 5% or even 10% off is a good offer, think again. 10% can bring in good results if everything else is in great alignment, but we always encourage a better offer than that if you want the best results. The success of this campaign speaks to the truth in this!

The Downfall of Wearing All The Hats

Oftentimes, business owners try to wear all the hats and try to run their own ad campaigns, even if it’s not their speciality. The owner of Saaya Rose realized her limitations (and how her strengths aligned elsewhere!), which is why she reached out to pros to help her manage her campaign. Whenever a company or business owner gives us basically free-reign to do our job best, we always do the best job.

Hire an expert or expert team who knows what they’re doing. You can try on your own, but you won’t get the same results. You won’t understand the ins and outs of the Facebook platform and it will take you 10x as long to get the same results as a professional Facebook ad agency.

This is especially true when it comes to scaling!

Do you have a special promotion coming up for your business, such as a big holiday special, and DON’T want to miss out?

Instead of leaving money on the table from potential customers, let us help you scale during this special promotion and beyond! Completing a FREE Facebook Ads Review is one of the BEST ways to get started with wild Facebook success!

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