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In The Ecommerce Niche? Start Strategizing Now For A Wildly Profitable 4th Quarter

admin | 18 October, 2019

            In The Ecommerce Niche? Start Strategizing Now For A Wildly Profitable 4th Quarter

The 2019 holiday season is closer than you think, which means that Ecommerce businesses need to pick up the pace and start planning NOW! There is no better time to begin preparing your strategies for successful Black Friday and Christmas sales than today. The sooner you can start strategizing, the higher the likelihood that you will be insanely profitable with your Ecommerce Facebook ads campaign this year.

As you know, nearly every single company is going to be using Facebook ads in every way, shape and form during Black Friday and holiday sales. This isn’t surprising, considering how lucrative that time of year is for Ecommerce biz owners.

According to the US Census Bureau News, on a not adjusted basis, the estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the fourth quarter of 2018 totaled $158.5 billion, an increase of 30.5 percent (±1.1%) from the third quarter of 2018. This is a huge increase, and one that shows the importance of having your ducks in a row during the holiday season, particularly if you are in the Ecommerce niche.

Most savvy advertisers also know that this is the time of year that big brands pull out their top advertising dollars, meaning the cost of Facebook advertising goes up for everyone. This is a big part of why it’s crucial to have a well-thought-out and solid marketing strategy in place BEFORE Q4 rolls around.

According to Forbes, ten years ago most shoppers waited until Thanksgiving to start their holiday shopping. However, by the year 2016, it was reported that 40% of seasonal shoppers start their shopping by Halloween. This means that planning in October and November are imperative to success with your campaign.

What Else?

You may be thinking, ok, ok, I get it, I need to start planning, but what else? Do not fear! We wouldn’t leave you feeling the urgency of strategizing without offering a few useful tips for your Ecommerce holiday campaign.

5 Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Holiday Campaign:
Make this holiday season your most profitable yet with these tips:

1. Make sure you have a guest check out as an option on your page. This is very important for any Ecommerce biz, and lowers the barrier to a new customer purchasing for the first time without a large commitment on their end.

2. Use retargeting heavily during the holidays. Retargeting is an essential part of Facebook advertising and something you should absolutely be using in your campaigns. Retargeting basically means you show your ads in front of an audience that already knows you, aka a "warm audience". This audience could be people who've been on your site, your Facebook page followers, past customers, email list subscribers, and so much more.

3. Offer an irresistible promo. We recommend a minimum of 20% off to be effective and to stand up against competition- In our experience, consumers are not as likely to act on a promo that is less than 20% off, especially during the holiday season. The higher you can go with your promo, the more purchases you will see. Also, it is extremely important to offer FREE shipping whenever possible during the holiday season as well. If you’re feeling dismayed because your margins are tight, don’t underestimate the power of offering appealing bonuses/freebies to a purchase instead of a percentage off. Alternatively, you can also encourage larger orders with a “Buy 2, get 1 FREE” promo. The possibilities are endless! Get creative, just make sure your offer is compelling enough to cause your audience to convert.

4. Check in on your campaigns frequently. Facebook ads can not be run successfully on auto-pilot. Because of the increased competition and activity during the 4th quarter, it’s important to check your ad campaign as much as possible to ensure optimal performance.

5. Our final tip is perhaps the most important one of all. If you are you feeling overwhelmed by you need to do, consider completing a FB ad account analysis by Facebook experts to make sure everything is running optimally before the Q4 rush! We can help you strategize, plan, or fully take the reigns for your holiday campaigns. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and get the ball rolling for your Ecommerce biz campaign this holiday season!

Have you ever had your Facebook ad account analyzed by an expert to see what's working, what's not and to advise you on the BEST next steps to take in order to optimize your campaign?

STOP trying to figure out Facebook ads on your own and get a FREE Facebook Ads Review today!

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