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How This FB Ads Strategy Averaged Over 4.5 ROAS For This NEW Ecommerce Biz!

admin | 13 December, 2019

            How This FB Ads Strategy Averaged Over 4.5 ROAS For This NEW Ecommerce Biz!

Let us begin by letting you in on a little secret. Facebook ads strategy is not one-size-fits-all. This is especially true when it comes to NEW Ecommerce businesses competing in a seemingly crowded space.

Brand New Shopify Biz In Need of Expert Help
Muslin Comfort sells luxurious, breathable muslin bedding. While this is normally associated with baby products, Muslin Comfort is bringing a new trend to the bedding industry: temperature-regulating bedding for kids AND adults.

When we were approached by Muslin Comfort they had never ran ads before and did not have an established conversion rate on their site. Let us insert a little disclaimer saying that these amazing results are not typical. It’s a gamble for a FB agency to run ads to a Shopify Ecommerce store that doesn’t have an established conversion rate, and is something we only do under specific circumstances, with the client understanding it will require much more initial testing than a well-established biz. It doesn’t matter if we send super qualified, interested, and ready to buy traffic to your site via the ads; if your site isn’t ready to receive that traffic and therefore can’t convert that traffic, unfortunately your biz will lose money.

Tintle Digital Marketing To The Rescue!
Muslin Comfort had a problem, and they came to the experts at TDM to solve it. Simply put, to get their business off the ground, they needed the right traffic and sales. Before launching their Facebook ad campaign with us, they had only had friends and family purchases to date. No sales outside of friends and family means no profit, something that no business owner wants!

We knew that Muslin Comfort would need a great promo to draw new customers to their products. We helped them come up with an irresistible promotion for first time buyers: up to $50 off their featured product and 20% off their first order. This got NEW customers easily in the door with a compelling incentive.

In order to back up their claims of how amazing their products are, we also placed importance on:

After launching their new campaign, we saw an average ROAS of 4.5! But wait, that’s not all! Several ads with retargeting audiences had a ROAS in the double digits (some above 10 and some even above 20-30!).

Retargeting is generally where the most revenue is generated, which is why we focused on that. Not familiar with Retargeting? Sometimes known as remarketing, retargeting is an essential part of Facebook advertising and something you should absolutely be using in your campaigns. Retargeting basically means you show your ads in front of an audience that already knows you, aka a "warm audience". This audience could be people who've been on your site, your Facebook page followers, your past customers or email list subscribers.

4 Steps That Created This Wild Success
We’re not known for leaving you hanging, which is why we’re leaving you with the 4 top tips for how this Ecommerce biz found success with FB ads:

Website Conversion Rate: Make sure that you focus extensively on the website conversion rate when you’re working with a FB ads agency. This means working with someone who knows how to optimize Ecommerce sites.*We can offer some wonderful suggestions if you are needing network contacts of those who specialize in this area.

The Power Of A Good Promo: Offer an irresistible promo to get NEW customers in the door. We cannot stress this enough! A promo above 15% off and a dollar amount off (usually upwards of $50 off), will produce the BEST results for your Ecommerce biz and will cause new customers to actually convert. As long as you work on customer retention and a quality product that your customers love, it is MUCH easier and cheaper to convert customers again in the future without a promotion. The reason we use compelling first-time promos is because it’s harder to convert a new customer and easier to convert a past customer.

Utilize 5-Star Reviews: Make sure to get reviews on your site. This is very beneficial in increasing your conversion rate on your site, but is also beneficial with driving traffic via the ads.

You Need To Be Using Video: Showing short, clear videos is extremely helpful, especially when promoting a physical product that people haven’t yet seen in person. If you can display your product clearly and easily, that helps to communicate how great it is and builds intrigue with your target audience.

Have you ever had your Facebook ad account analyzed by an expert to see what's working, what's not and to advise you on the BEST next steps to take in order to optimize your campaign?

STOP trying to figure out Facebook ads on your own and get a FREE Facebook Ads Review today!

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