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How Mikella’s Email List Went From 150 to 8,000+ Subscribers

admin | 14 March, 2019

            How Mikella’s Email List Went From 150 to 8,000+ Subscribers

Mikella is a VERY busy mom of 3 boys. She was building her third Christian-focused business, Chasing Sacred, when we joined forces. Mikella had no previous experience with advertising and felt stuck as to how to effectively grow her business and bring in leads. She was essentially starting “from scratch” and had almost no audience starting out. She knew that she wanted to build an engaged audience so that she could reach out to that audience in the future with courses and services for purchase. She was confident that Facebook ads was the correct route to achieve these goals, but had NO clue where to start with implementing and running a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Because this was her third business, Mikella was smart enough to realize the limitations of being a business owner that tries to wear all the hats. It’s very difficult and, sometimes, near impossible to do everything on your own! Since she was very open to outsourcing to specialists for her advertising needs, she reached out to Tintle Digital Marketing.

Mikella came to us with a clear prerogative; She wanted to grow her email subscriber list as much as possible through Facebook lead generation. The results we experienced through our advertising campaign far exceeded her expectations! How did we do it? Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Testing 1, 2, 3

Testing is the most important aspect of any Facebook ad campaign. Without testing multiple lead magnets, we wouldn’t have discovered that one completely outperformed the others, and our cost per lead would likely be much higher. Fully trusting our expertise, Mikella was open to all of our testing recommendations. We recommended that we begin by testing three lead magnets. The lead magnets were comprised of content made by Mikella but guided by TDM. Because Mikella was completely open to testing whatever we thought was best, we were able to quickly find the checklist to resonate most with her audience.

Initially, we tested the following lead magnets:

1) A Giveaway

2) An Ebook

3) A PDF download

By having multiple lead magnets, we were able to easily identify which aspects of the campaign were working, and which were not. We know when to turn off ads that are not performing as optimally as others, and when to leave on highly-converting ads, thus ensuring the greatest success.

When we began testing, the PDF download brought in leads close to just $1/lead, which is very rare for lead generation via Facebook today. We were thrilled with this result!

How Did We Do It?

At TDM, we are sure to test a robust variety of lead generators in order to make sure we get the BEST results. Some other aspects of the campaign we tested included:

1) Variety of images (including with or without text overlay) and video

2) Many different audiences

3) Landing pages (one converted at well over 60%!)

Successful Lead Generation Is Not Wizardry

One of the most important aspects of a successful Facebook campaign such as Mikella’s, is realizing that a sufficient testing budget and general ad spend budget are required. From the beginning, Mikella understood that Facebook ads are an investment and that FB ad managers aren’t magicians. We can’t just pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Any successful campaign takes ample testing, a sufficient budget, and time in order to find the best results. We initially started with a $60/day budget and split it equally among each lead magnet. Within 2 weeks it was evident that the PDF lead magnet was outperforming the others, so we paused the other lead magnets and focused exclusively on the PDF.

Surprisingly, the cost per lead for the giveaway hovered around $3 (this result is not typical of most giveaways) and we had no results for the Ebook. The PDF download performed incredibly well at just $1.13 per lead on average. After discovering that the PDF magnet would perform the best, the average cost per lead was significantly lower than we hoped for! Our goal was to have a cost per lead in the $2-$3 range, or $5 max, which is much more common today. Achieving each lead at close to $1 in 2018 is an incredible result! A cost per lead in the $1 range would have been more common in 2015. Since competition has skyrocketed and the Facebook algorithm keeps changing, that result in 2018 is almost unheard of!

But Wait, We Got That Remarkably Low Cost Per Lead EVEN Lower…

Originally, we used a static stock image with text overlay for the ads, and that brought in leads at $1.26 per lead.

However, considering how popular videos are on Facebook, we had the thought to test a very short video of our client. The video dropped that incredible lead EVEN lower to just $1.06 per lead! Remarkable!

Talk About SUCCESS! Mikella’s Email List Grew 4,667% In A Few Short Months!

When we began working with Mikella, she had a very conservative email list (under 150 subscribers). As we mentioned previously, her main goal was to grow her email list. Now we’ve surpassed 8,000 subscribers, an increase of 4,667%!!! That’s 8,000 highly targeted email subscribers she can email multiple times weekly to engage with and sell her products and services to.

Expertise and Testing: The Winning Combination

It is easy to get stuck on one lead magnet or one offer that you THINK will perform really well. It is true that as a rule of thumb, there are specific strategies that tend to perform well with Facebook ads in certain niches, but you won’t ever know for certain without actually testing. Even if a similar lead magnet or offer performed well in another location or with a similar business, your current target audience just might not like it as much! Because of this, it is extremely important to keep an open mind when starting Facebook ads and to realize how imperative testing is for every business.

Have you ever had your Facebook ad account analyzed by an expert to see what's working, what's not and to advise you on the BEST next steps to take in order to optimize your campaign?

STOP trying to figure out Facebook ads on your own and get a FREE Facebook Ads Review today!

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