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DON'T treat Facebook/Instagram ads like Google ads

admin | 14 March, 2019

            DON'T treat Facebook/Instagram ads like Google ads

Did you know that one BIG problem that gets in the way of many businesses finding success on Facebook is due to the strategy? It's a simple mistake that completely derails the success of an ad campaign and can make it so you lose money. The easiest way to avoid this, is by first understanding the difference between Google and Facebook advertising.

With Google Adwords, you're paying to get in front of people who are actively searching for your service and who, most of the time, are ready to contact the businesses directly. Think about how YOU use Google: you go to it in order to search for specific answers, products, businesses, etc. If you're looking for guitar lessons, you'll likely search for "guitar lessons" and then the name of your city into the Google search bar. You might be just researching at first, but most of the time you'll likely be ready to contact the best businesses that catch your eye or have the best offer or the best reviews. But bottom line: your intent to take action immediately is SO much higher when you use Google because you’re actively searching for guitar lessons.

Well, people use Facebook very differently. They're scrolling through their newsfeed to see what their friends are up to and NOT necessarily looking for businesses or products. In other words, they’re not actively looking for guitar lessons on Facebook.

Google is a search engine and Facebook and Instagram are social networks. Those are two very different things and thus require very different strategies when it comes to advertising.

How do I know this? My name is Camille Tintle and I've been running advertising campaigns for the past 5 years. I work with small to mid-sized businesses all across the US, parts of Canada and Europe. This is what I spend my day managing, researching and talking about with my team and clients.

Now that you understand the difference between how Google and Facebook work, let's talk about how that should determine your strategy for advertising.

If you're a business that's trying to get people to CALL you to inquire about your services, that's great. Many businesses want this with advertising. And you can run ads with this strategy successfully on Google....but remember how the cost is so much higher? Chances are, this is not going to be a cost effective option for you.

Even though this is a great option on Google, you can't expect this to work as well on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are NOT designed to have users call businesses directly and you should not run ads for that intention on these social networks. If you run your Facebook ads like you would Google ads, the cost is likely going to be the same if not MORE expensive. And as a business owner, I know you can't risk that.

As a business advertising on Facebook, you have to find a way to capture their attention in their newsfeed so they stop scrolling and then make it REALLY easy for them to become a lead. You have to lower the barrier to entry….don’t make it hard for them by asking them to call you. Because the chances are much slimmer that they will on Facebook or Instagram. Most of the time people are not prepared to call a business immediately after seeing an intriguing Facebook ad because that is not what they came there to do -- they didn’t come there to talk on the phone.

So what can you do? Display an irresistible offer, such as a discount or free service, and create a very short form for leads to complete with their basic contact info for YOU, the business, to then contact them. Short or basic forms do not require leads to do much, it’s not a huge commitment, and it makes it really easy for you to get a higher volume of leads. On Facebook, you need to lower the barrier to entry like this. People are much more likely to fill out a short 30 second form to “learn more” or “get the special offer” than to have to speak to someone on the phone for 5 minutes. Talking on the phone is a bigger commitment.

Let’s go over that again: the best strategy for advertising services on Facebook is to collect lead information via a simple form, send that information to the business, and then the business contacts them directly. This lowers the barrier for the lead since they don't have to call someone immediately and it's much less of a commitment for them. This structure is utilizing Facebook advertising with the users in mind and how THEY use Facebook, NOT how you ideally want to bring in leads. By using this strategy, you will get more leads and make more money than you would by trying to get leads to call you from Google Ad words.

If you're expecting to generate inbound call leads from Facebook ads, you are hindering your business' success...big time. Don't make this mistake because you WILL waste a lot of money. I've seen this be the difference between a business not getting off the ground and a business thriving all the way to six-figures quickly. Which business do you want to be?

If you want to learn more about Facebook ads, check out some of these success stories or read about the seven essential questions to ask before hiring a Facebook agency.

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