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3 Types of Ad Copy That Convert

admin | 08 August, 2019

            3 Types of Ad Copy That Convert

Do you spend thousands of dollars a month on Facebook advertising? If so, you want to ensure that your ads are catchy and that they convert. There are many different aspects that go into an ad being one that has wild success. You need to be targeting the right audience, have a catchy image or video, and lastly, compelling copy. Copywriting is perhaps the #1 aspect that can make or break the success of an ad. If you have all of the other aspects of your ad right, but have terrible copy that doesn’t convert, you are doomed for Facebook failure.

So, why does copywriting matter so much? And how do you know which type of copy to use in different scenarios? Obviously all Facebook users are not the same, so copy must be specifically geared towards your target audience. Every person has individual needs, wishes and pain points you are selling to; this is why you need more than one type of ad copy. Read on to find out the top three copy types and when to use them.

Testimonial Copy

One of the best ways to turn a prospect into a paying customer is through a convincing testimonial from a happy customer.

Testimonial copy is great to use when retargeting warm audiences. These prospects are your lowest hanging fruit. If you can get back in front of them with a real life testimonial and an irresistible promo, you are almost guaranteed to convert them!

Short and Sweet; Copy For Short Attention Spans

It is no secret that our culture has record-breaking short attention spans (that are only getting shorter!). This is copy that is geared towards that busy Facebook user who is bound and determined to barely stop scrolling for anything.

Short copy usually works best by nailing the “pain point” or draw to the product immediately, followed up by a sentence or two at most. This short and sweet type of copy can prove to be very effective, and of course, most importantly, convert!

Long-Form Copy

Though short-attention span users often won’t take the time to read through longer copy, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place in the Facebook ad space! The truth is, there are some people who prefer longer copy and find a product more validated if they can learn more about it up front. User longer copy in your ad allows you to state your value right away and sell them immediately.

The trick to writing copy that converts is not in choosing one type of copy over the other, so much as it is making sure your campaign offers all types of copy to reach a broader audience.

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