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Done-With-You Facebook Ad Coaching

Do you want to begin Facebook/Instagram ads for your new Shopify store but aren't quite ready for full ad management? When you sign up for Done-With-You Facebook Ad Coaching, you get expert and affordable social media advertising coaching for YOUR ad account from a team of ad pros who are rated the top 1% on Upwork. This literally gives you the best of both worlds: personalized, hand-held guidance for your ad campaign and at a fraction of the price of full management. 🙌😍


⭐️ Initial Audit: To get started, we'll do a 45 minute baseline video recorded audit of your ad account so that you can learn what's working, what's not, and how to get started improving. This is so that we know where you're at with your ad campaign and can initially get you moving in the right direction. 

⭐️ Education: A copy of our High ROAS Facebook Ads For Ecommerce Guide, an 85+ page document showing you how we produce high ROAS ad campaigns for clients and guidance on how to test the ads on your own. Valued at over $500.

⭐️ Personalized, hand-held guidance: We'll perform 2x/week remote mini ad account audits (20 min each) where we will show you what you should test and implement next. These audits don't involve a meeting -- they are fully remote and asynchronous in order to eliminate any scheduling hassles and to easily reference notes/how-to's afterwards!

Instead of wasting time and money trying to figure out how to build and manage your ad campaign on your own OR paying full ad management when your site metrics don't justify it yet, hire a reputable Facebook ad agency who will show you how to do it. This is expert guidance by us, implementation by you, all at an affordable cost. 🙌

NOW OFFERING a 1 week FREE trial! This gives you the opportunity to try for free and without obligation before you commit to month-to-month coaching. 



How much is the cost after the free trial?

We charge $997 per month. 

Will we have a meeting?

Nope! This is all remote and asynchronous -- perfect for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. We will record short videos inside ad manager to visually show you when needed or send you written step-by-step instructions on what you should do next. If you have any questions during the week, just sent them over email and we'll answer them in the next mini-audit. 

How long is the free trial?

1 week. If you'd like to continue with monthly ad coaching, you don't have to do a thing! You will be charged automatically on day 8. If you'd like to cancel, simply email us before 11:59 pm on day 7 of your free trial. 


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