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Inspired by Camille Tintle and her Facebook ad expertise, Tintle Digital Marketing is a close knit team dedicated to helping fellow introverts scale their Shopify stores. Read all about Camille's journey in this feature by Collective!

Our fur babies are our favorite co-workers. You'll often find Jake (a rescue miniature pinschure) or Harper (a rescue tabby cat) on Camille's lap during the work day. 

We don't believe "business is just business." We like to get to know our clients, ask them about their families, and share both personal and professional wins. We value integrity, loyalty, empathy and authenticity. 

We've built a business in a way that works for both us and our clients. One particular policy we love, but that may seem crazy to some, is that we don't "do" phone calls. This is for several reasons: we're introverts, we prefer communicating by email, we like having the paper trail in email, and we find calls to be huge productivity killers. Check out our blog post all about this policy!

On our time off, you can find us spending time with our families, gardening, playing the guitar, cooking a tasty keto or healthy recipe, or bingeing the latest Netflix show. 🥰