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Full-Service Facebook & Instagram Ad Management
For Shopify Stores



Our full-service monthly ad management is $3000per month or 15% of ad spend, whichever amount is greater.

Please note that we also charge a one-time $3000 campaign setup fee when you first get started with us.

Our Ad Management Service Includes

  • Initial and ongoing campaign strategy
  • Full ad campaign setup and review
  • 2 product landing pages exclusively for our ad traffic
  • Unlimited ad copy
  • TikTok/IG story product videos
  • Unlimited ad graphics including images and videos for all ad placements
  • Target audience analysis and cold audience development
  • Custom audience creation
  • Retargeting and warm audience tactics
  • Technical integrations, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Extensive A/B (split) testing of all aspects of campaign
  • Optimization and scaling
  • Ad fatigue management and ongoing trend watch
  • Attribution and blended ROAS calculations
  • Weekly detailed reporting over email

Good communication is essential to running a successful advertising campaign. Clients we are running campaigns for will hear from us weekly with detailed campaign reports, and any emails are replied to within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends). No dead air, no unanswered questions, no wondering.

Excellent Communication

Reliable Email

We know you're busy as a business owner and so we make sure you are informed in the most effective and efficient way possible. This means we don't "do" inconvenient or disruptive phone calls, ever. To keep our communication consistent and to refer back to any messaging, all communication is kept over email and materials are sent via Google drive.

Nothing speaks louder than actual results, a great reputation, and happy customers. Check out our case studies, reviews and testimonials from Facebook advertising clients.



We truly want to see our clients succeed because when they win, we win! We guarantee that our ad services are handled with the utmost care, managed by experts, and your campaigns will be in the best hands.

Packages Don't Include

At this time, our Facebook advertising packages do not include social media posts or content creation for Facebook and Instagram business pages. TDM specializes in paid advertising and ads. As such, any comments or interaction on the ads themselves are expected to be handled by the client and will not be managed by Tintle Digital Marketing. Typically, it is more appropriate for this scope of the ads to be fielded directly by the clients customer service department. If you are looking for assistance with comment management or social media management, please bring this up to our team upon initial contact so we can discuss options.

Ad spend also is not included in our packages. It is charged separately through the client's ad account. Thus, it's important to keep in mind that you should expect to invest at least $2000 in ad spend + $3000 in ad management fees per month, totaling $5000 per month.