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Ad Campaign Setup For Facebook & Instagram Ads

Do you want to begin Facebook/Instagram ads for your new Shopify store and want to start off on the right foot? 

Our Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign Setup package will include building the foundation of your ad campaign for you, without the cost of paying someone else to manage the ads. 


⭐️ Pixel & CAPI installation so you can track performance.

⭐️ 6 ads in total: 2 top of funnel ads, 2 middle of funnel ads, 2 bottom of funnel ads.

⭐️ 6 audiences in total: 2 for top of funnel, 2 for middle of funnel, 2 for bottom of funnel.

⭐️ A copy of our High ROAS Facebook Ads For Ecommerce Guide, an 85+ page document showing you how we produce high ROAS ad campaigns for clients and guidance on how to test the ads on your own. 

⭐️ Ready in just 1 week after you fill out our intake form and provide all access needed. Keep in mind that we may need admin access, depending on the account and business. 

Instead of wasting time and money trying to figure out how to build and start your ad campaign, hire a Facebook ad agency that's Expert Vetted (top 1%) on Upwork and has a reputation of bringing in 10+ ROAS for online store clients. 

Buy now, pay later with 4 interest-free installments. Select Shop Pay at checkout!


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