Ad Campaign Management For Facebook & Instagram Ads

Do you want to begin Facebook/Instagram ads for your Shopify store and want the best chance of success?

Our Ad Campaign Management For Facebook & Instagram Ads package will include building the foundation of your ad campaign for you and FULL monthly management of the ads.


⭐️ Pixel & CAPI installation in order to track performance.

⭐️ Full ad campaign setup and review.

⭐️ Unlimited ad copy.

⭐️ Unlimited audiences. 

⭐️ Initial and ongoing campaign strategy.

⭐️ Unlimited ad graphics including images and video.

⭐️ Extensive A/B (split) testing of all aspects of campaign.

⭐️ Optimization and scaling.

⭐️ Ad fatigue management and ongoing trend watch.

⭐️ Weekly detailed reporting over email.


Instead of wasting time and money trying to figure out how to build and manage your ad campaign, hire a Facebook ad agency that's Top Rated and Expert Vetted (top 1%) on Upwork and has a reputation of bringing in 10+ ROAS for online store clients. 


This service has 2 timeframe options.

1) Normal timeframe: This is the normal timeframe that involves a comprehensive and complete setup before any ads are live, including approval by you. The ad campaign will be live in 2 weeks after you submit our intake form and send us all required materials/access.

2) RUSH timeframe: This is a shorter timeframe that will involve us completing the minimum required to launch the ads quickly and completing the rest of the comprehensive setup throughout the month. It is the best option when you want to launch the ads sooner rather than later. The ad campaign will be live in 1 week after you submit our intake form and send us all required materials/access. 

NOTE: Before purchasing this service, please fill out our application form here