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What To Do When A Facebook Ad Doesn’t Get Approved

admin | 14 March, 2019

            What To Do When A Facebook Ad Doesn’t Get Approved

You’re just starting your Facebook ad campaign and you have both your image and text ready to go for your ad. You hit publish and wait anxiously for Facebook to approve or deny your ad. Then two hours later, much to your dismay, you get the dreaded “Your Facebook Ad Is Not Approved.” What are you supposed to do?

Don’t panic! First, take a look at the Facebook ad policy which can be found here. While it may seem daunting at first, you should familiarize yourself with it in order to successfully advertise on Facebook. Facebook used to be very specific about why your ad was denied, but now you must read through the policy to determine what needs to be changed for it to pass their approval process. It is a tedious process to try to figure out why an ad was denied, so it's best to read through the policy BEFORE you begin to publish ads to try to save yourself the hassle of playing the guessing game as to why it wasn't approved.

What happens if you can’t figure out why your ad wasn’t approved even after reading through the ad policy? Well, if you get repeated ad disapproval messages after trying to fix the problem and you are certain you’re not breaking any of their rules, you can submit an appeal for their denial. Usually you’ll get a reply within 24 hours and they might be able to offer you more insight than their generic “not approved” message.

A word of caution: if you ignore the ad policy and get repeated “not approved” messages, this can seriously limit your ability to reach potential leads. Why? Because every time an ad is not approved, it negatively affects the status of your ad account. This can even lead to your ad account getting shut down, which means you’ll no longer be able to advertise within that ad account. While this doesn't have to be a total end-all of your business' advertising efforts on Facebook, it will give you the tedious task of trying to figure out a way to get your ad account reinstated.

If it hasn't been made clear enough, it goes without saying that Facebook is INCREDIBLY strict when it comes to their Facebook advertising policy. Frankly, it has always been strict, but after the last election and Russian interference, Facebook stepped up their game and went on a mission to more closely monitor what ads they allow on the Facebook platform. In many cases, this means that some of the ads you ran 5 years ago cannot be run today without some major tweaking of the text.

The reality is, ad accounts get shut down left and right, often due to the owners not being well-versed in the ad policy. At TDM, we’ve never had an ad account shut down because we aim to follow the ad policy to a “T.” That’s not to say we haven’t ever had an ad disapproved. It does happen occasionally, even to the experts, and we make sure to fix it swiftly! We take the ad policy very seriously and make it our mission to keep our ad accounts in good standing at all times. If you’re struggling to interpret the ad policy and how it applies to your particular business, it is highly recommended to have a reputable Facebook advertising agency run your advertising campaign for you. It will save you time, energy, and a lot of money in the long run.

I've helped Facebook ad accounts struggling to get their ads approved change to having successful campaigns in a short amount of time. It's really incredible. Check out some of the case studies from the campaigns that me and my agency manage and you might learn a thing or two that could help your business with Facebook ads.

Have you ever had your Facebook ad account analyzed by an expert to see what's working, what's not and to advise you on the BEST next steps to take in order to optimize your campaign?

STOP trying to figure out Facebook ads on your own and get a FREE Facebook Ads Review today!

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